What I Work With:

I currently work with 2 cameras, one digital and the other is film.

My Canon Rebel T6 has been my best pal for over 5 years and has helped me

capture so many beautiful things all over the United States.

My Canon EOS 30 has also captured some of the lovely photos below!

I recently picked up film and my favorite 35mm film to use so far is Kodak 200.

What I Work On:

I am an avid wildlife lover, I started by working for a zoo and it only blossomed from there, but it didn't stop me from learning more. I pursued portrait photography to make a living and realized I could do events and more. I even work on private gatherings and love to work with families as I have been a child-caretaker for over a decade. I also have been dabbling into the world of Virtual Photography, capturing the beauty in video games to share with others. So that is why I call myself a Jack-of-all-trades, I love to work on anything I can when it comes to photography, so you name it, I will try it!